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ADVICE Choosing Weighing Equipment Platform (Scale) Advantages Sides prevent the cattle from stepping off the edge. Platform is made slightly narrower with tapered sides - the taper or angled sides force the cattle to stand in the centre reducing contact with the external crush side. The floor is made from durable, non-slip, checker plate with heavy duty round bar for extra strength and traction. Moveable - one crush to the next or farm to farm. Fits into your existing crush it is the cheapest or most economical option. Crate (Scale) Advantages Better productivity because you have a dedicated scale, no extra handles or gates to interfere with the weighing process. Not associated with possible pain of clamping, dehorning, branding etc. and therefore have less stress. Greater accuracy because the cattle are standing in a complete scale. Solid sides means the cattle cannot see the operator. Solid sides minimises injury and increases flow. PRODUCT MANUALS Neck Clamp (1,423 KB) LS4 - Instrument and loadbars (170 KB) Cattle crush and gate (772 KB) Spray race (1,936 KB) Immobilizer (1,511 KB) FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQs) Scales Q: Must I re-calibrate my new LS4 electronic scale if I want to use it with my old cattle crate or platform? A: No. The calibration is set at the factory and should not be adjusted by the user. When you install your new scale and mount your old crate onto the loadbars, the instrument will automatically zero out the mass of the crate when switched on. Q: Can I use my Neck & Body clamp as a scale or will the fact that my animals walk through the clamp every day damage the electronics? A: It is feasible to use your Neck & Body clamp as a scale, and you will not damage your electronic loadcells as they are built to take the traffic. We do, however, advise that you do not weigh your animals where they are branded, de-horned, castrated etc., as your cattle will not enter your scale freely and this causes time delays. (Read the section on Productivity). Q: Must my scale be mounted on level ground? A: No, but the base must be stable and should not rock. Q: Would constant cattle movement over the scale cause damage? A: No. The machine is ruggedly constructed to meet the requirements of livestock. Q: Would the platform be put out of action by an animal plunging (collapsing)? A: No. The machine is designed to withstand shock loading. Q: Is a separate weighing race essential? A: No, but it will assist in more efficient stock handling. Clamps Q: Are the TAL-TEC cattle clamps suitable for calves? A: The Neck Clamp and Neck & Body Clamps are designed for all sizes of cattle. Small, quick settings allow the farmer to restrict bulls, cows, heifers and calves. Calves that can be manhandled are generally too small for these clamps (less than 90kg) and you should consider using the Calf Tilt Clamp. Feeders Q: What feed can I give my animals with the TAL-TEC Self-Feeders? A: Both the Cattle and Sheep Self-Feeders are ideal feed dispensers for any grain feed (e.g. maize, chopped silage or a lick supplement). Q: Will the Feeder rust with time? A: If you do not maintain your Feeder it may corrode over time due to the composition of feeds, which include sulphates and salt, and the cattleā€™s saliva. This makes for a highly aggressive environment for steel and it is therefore almost impossible to stop corrosion. We recommend that the Feeder should be painted once a year. Loading Ramps Q: Do I need to build a separate Crush for loading and un-loading my cattle? A: No. All TAL-TEC Loading Ramps (TRL) have wheels, which allow you to wheel the loading ramp into position either in front of your Scale or Neck Clamp and remove it when you are finished. Q: What other benefits does the TAL-TEC Loading Ramp offer me? A: Instead of a permanent Loading bay which can be used by stock thieves at any time, the TAL-TEC Loading Ramp (TRL) can be wheeled away and locked in a shed. Immobilisers Q: Is it not dangerous or cruel to use an immobiliser? A: The impulse generated is similar to APS therapy machines used on people for injuries and muscle toning. Secondly the current generated by the immobiliser is less than a penlight type battery. Spray Races Q: Do you offer a mobile spray race or one on wheels! A: The cost is not justified. The Spray Race frame is fully portable and light enough to be picked up by 2 or 3 people and placed onto a trailer. Branding Products Q: How do I prevent the brand mark from clotting? A: Clotting occurs when the surrounding tissue or skin is also damaged by the hot brand. To minimise transfer of heat to the surrounding tissue the brand must be cooled as quick as possible using a cleaning cloth and clean water.